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Mental Health | Is the NHS done with us?

I’m not ashamed to talk about mental health. Recently, I’ve been struggling quite a bit, which I tried to get help for from my NHS doctor. After a 2 month wait, they referred me to a community mental health team, who wanted to sort me with unemployment benefits, coffee mornings and group talking therapy. This… Continue reading Mental Health | Is the NHS done with us?

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LGBTQIA+ | Pride: Queer Liberation or a Capitalist’s Dream?

Love to all of you who are not accepted, who are scared, who don't feel safe in their homes or countries, who aren't able to be themselves, who don't understand or know themselves yet, or to those who need love at this time.

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Book Review | Border Nation by Leah Cowan

No human being is illegal.

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Mental Health | I Hate Buying Jeans

I haven't bought jeans in 2.5 years. Let me tell you why.

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International Women’s Day | 2021

International Women's Day is not just for the wealthy, cis-gendered, straight, thin, white women, but for the global population of individuals that don't fit into any of those descriptions. Women hold so much power, so much pressure and so much responsibility, despite oftentimes having fewer rights, less social mobility and less freedom.

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Mental Health | What is Eco Anxiety?

We don't need a few people acting perfectly to save this world. The world needs everyone to act now, perhaps imperfectly sometimes, in order to make a real change.

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Guest Post | Queer Identity – Marie-Helene Bennett-Henry

We hear from Marie-Helene on her journey to queer acceptance and self expression


Happy Anniversary – What is Fibromyalgia?

I have spent a lot of time hating my body and trying to punish it for what I felt were its failings. Now I am trying to teach myself to feel differently towards it.