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BLM Wales: Mohamud Hassan

Credit: Twitter @POC4INDY

This week, Mohamud Hassan was killed as a result of the actions of South Wales Police. He was taken into custody for a minor offence, breach of the peace, which is an ambiguous reason, and for which you cannot be arrested. When released from custody, Mr Hassan was bruised, cut, had been tasered, bitten and was so weak that he could not make it to the hospital. He died soon after, and paramedics could not resuscitate him. His body was given no dignity, being left on the kitchen floor by emergency services from the morning until the evening when his body was finally released to his family. There has been little to no cooperation from the policing authorities regarding the release of the CCTV and body camera footage of Mr Hassan’s experiences within prison. Post-mortems are still underway. Police are claiming that his death was ‘sudden and unexplained’ (BBC).

Mr Hassan was due to be a father. He had a family that loved him. He was only 24. Black lives matter, in Wales and around the world. Please sign the petition below to demand repercussions for the attacking officers. If you’re able to, please donate to his Go Fund Me so that his family are able to afford legal fees, funeral costs and hopefully some sort of legacy for his unborn child.

Go Fund Me:

Change petition:

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