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Guest Post | Terrie Boinnet – What’s taken away actually gives you more

Today we have a wonderful perspective from our guest poster, Terrie, who has been through an incredible amount in the last few months. Read more to find out about her travels, what she has lost and what she has gained through her experiences.

What’s taken away actually gives you more

Between the period of August and November of last year, I was given the amazing opportunity to take up a study abroad in Hong Kong. This was originally meant to be for a year, however, due to unfortunate but incredibly understandable vicissitude, my programme was cut short due to the Hong Kong protests. I still remember vividly the week where with each passing day, drastic changes occurred: hundreds of people flying home or staying indoors (I got to experience corona before corona). The plans I had for a year changed within a day and that had to be life’s biggest lesson: there is no tomorrow, there is no guarantee – everything is up to chance, so do it when you can. You can say this is something everyone is getting a taste of during the pandemic. 

I wanted to make the year abroad more about healing and knowing myself more and, despite that being taken away from me, that plan still continued. Through this experience, I was able to learn to tap into myself, to learn what makes me feel pain and what makes me feel joy, what makes me exhausted and what makes me feel listless and the list (wink) goes on. As long as I have my brain and myself truly, the experience is never ever taken away from me. Only I can take away that experience from myself. 

Although I wasn’t able to fall in love with Hong Kong as much as I wanted – I was able to fall in love with my country Kenya all over again – in all its Heaven and Hell –  by travelling, catching up with family and friends I haven’t spoken to in a while and do things I’ve always wanted to do. ‘I’ll always have the time’ quickly changed to ‘the time is now’. I am so incredibly thankful for the whole experience, the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs either with people and myself but all that makes up for a multitude of lessons, healing and coming back to myself at the end which I will forever be grateful for.

“Everything is up to chance, so do it when you can.”

Thank you so much to Terrie for her contribution. At this time, it is especially important to realise the positive things we have in our lives – our homes, our friends, our families, and to most of all be ‘grateful’.

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