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The Ultimate Rainy Day Movies

Rainy Day – Noun – 1) when it’s raining, pouring and the old man is snoring 2) when you’re just having a bad day. So, thus begins my very scientific way to make yourself happy. Grab your snacks, it’s time for a film!

1) SinginIn The Rain

We HAVE to begin with the ultimate, the classic, the beautiful Singin’ in the Rain. This film is perfect, from the dancing, to the style, to the SINGIN! This film will always make me laugh out loud and is the cinematic equivalent to a cup of coffee and a hug. If you think you don’t like musicals, just bypass that feeling and put this film on, seriously. The chance meeting of a failed actress and an overinflated star leads to a partnership like no other. Let us not forget the most iconic third wheel ever, Cosmo Brown. Expect hilarity, intense dance routines and the unexpected. Dignity, always dignity.

Photo Credits @dishnetworks

Singin’ in the Rain stars Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor, filmed in 1952 but set in 1920s Hollywood. Available to stream on iTunes (£3.49), Youtube (£3.49), and Google Play (£3.49).

2) Big Hero 6

Disney’s animated films all have a place in my rainy day rotation, but 2014’s Big Hero 6 is something special. A story that (if you think about it) is mostly about death is also one of the most uplifting things I’ve watched. If anyone knows where I can get a Beymax from, send. an. email. now. This film touches upon depression, grief, loss, but also the importance of friendship, education and recognising emotion. It’s the first animated film that Disney created after the acquisition of Marvel, so of course, the man himself, Stan Lee’s voice features. Don’t let my mushy interpretation put you off though. The film is fast paced, optimistic, action-packed and always exciting. I promise you’ll snigger at least once, if not laugh out loud.

The breakthrough star of the season is here. His name is Baymax and he’s impossible not to love.

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
Photo Credit @Tenor

Big Hero 6 is available to stream on Youtube (£9.99), Google Play (£9.99), iTunes (£9.99), Amazon Prime (£9.99) and with a Disney+ subscription.

3. Marvel’s Avengers Series

Did somebody mention Stan Lee? Okay, so this one technically isn’t one film, but the series of the Avengers, from the first Avengers in 2012, followed by Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015, then Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, ending with Avengers: Endgame in 2019. If you have an afternoon spare, binge watch these and be prepared for anything that is occupying your mind to be put aside. Even if you’re not a huge fan of superhero films, the comedy, drama, romance and overall action should provide a little something for everyone. If you want to get truly technical, you can find out what order you should watch ALL the Marvel films in here. That might take longer than the one afternoon, but it’s worth it! Rotten Tomatoes score all of the films at least 91% (and they’re a tough crowd!) and you have my personal recommendation, so that’s golden.

Image Credit

All of the Marvel films are available to stream with a Disney+ subscription, on Youtube (£2.49), Google Play (£2.49), iTunes (four movie bundle £39.99 or £9.99 each) or Amazon Prime (£3.49).

4. Fantastic Mr Fox

A star studded cast, a groundbreaking author and an iconic director. Yes, it’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. My brother watched this ALL the time, so I now know all the words but I still love it, which is testament to its genius, surely. Kids and adults alike will giggle (possibly in different places!) and everyone will delight in Wes Anderson’s employment of colour scheme to bring Roald Dahl’s brilliant, beautiful book into cinematic glory. Laughs are guaranteed and probably a smile all the way through too. Clooney brings Mr Fox’s sassy genius to the big screen in a big way, but the show may just be stolen by Kylie, voiced by Wallace Wolodarsky, the opossum who wants a piece of the action. The stop-motion adds a real sense of authenticity to the original text, plus a song by Jarvis Cocker, playing the son of Mr. Bean, will be stuck in your head for a long time after the credits have finished!

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a delightfully funny feast for the eyes with multi-generational appeal — and it shows Wes Anderson has a knack for animation.

– Rotten Tomatoes

Fantastic Mr Fox is available to stream on Youtube (£3.49), Google Play (£3.49), Amazon Prime (£3.49) and iTunes (£3.49)

5. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Call me crazy, but this is one of the rare cases where the remake is (in my very controversial opinion) better than the original. There, I said it. I might be biased because I love Emma Watson and Luke Evans is everything, but this film just has a bit of… je ne sais quoi and I love it. The classic tale remains the skeleton that holds the film together, yet the songs are refreshed, the costumes are to die for and Josh Gad’s Le Fou is adorable. There are a whole host of famous faces and familiar voices and I guarantee a smile by the end scene.

An unabashed musical with its heart on its sleeve and energy to spare, it’s decidedly unbeastly.

Nick De Semlyen, Empire Magazine

Beauty and the Beast (2017) is available to stream on Amazon Prime (free for members), Youtube (£9.99), Google Play (£9.99) and iTunes (£9.99).

6. Funny Girl

No film list of mine would be complete without a mention of Ms. Barbara Streisand. Funny Girl is an absolute masterpiece telling the story of comedienne Fanny Brice from 1930s New York Jewish slums to the height of celebrity. Expect incredible music, weird and wonderful facial expressions from Ms. Streisand, magnificent costume work and the journey of a lifetime. You will cackle at Streisand’s absolutely flawless performance and probably fall in love many a time with Nick Arnstein. It might be filmed in 1968, but it’s pretty relevant for the contemporary moment too!

Funny Girl is available to stream on Youtube (£2.49), Google Play (£2.49), Amazon Prime (£3.99) and iTunes (£3.49).

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So concludes my list! It’s short and sweet and provides an insight into how I can distract myself on a rainy day. If you have any favourites, I’d love to hear them in the comments! Enjoy!

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