The results are in!

Today I got the results from my second year at university. Initially I was thrown when I saw the phrase at the top ‘You have failed to complete Stage 2’ but after reading the rest of the page, I understand better! In my coursework, I averaged a 2.1. In my exams I averaged a first! However, I missed one exam. This was because I was given new medication to start. However, no one told me that it would sedate me so much that I couldn’t even hold my head up! But that’s by the by!I am proud of myself for everything that I’ve done this year. I completed a course with the NHS for Managing Emotions which was priceless for the impact it had made on my life. I’ve felt so much more balanced and able after finishing this course in April. My mental health has improved in leaps and bounds! My physical health took a huge downturn before I realised that I was trying to power through on a body that I didn’t understand. Now I know myself better. I can feel my boundaries out, knowing when I need a break or when I can push further. I can actually SLEEP! My new tablets help me get some rest so I can tackle the next day. My chair means that I can go further for longer. When I can’t remember things, I know that it’s because of fog and not to panic. It’ll come with time.I have to resit that one exam in August but I’m in a much better place to do it. The most important thing for me is my physical and mental health. They’re both getting there now and from that foundation, I can continue to grow and learn. I am worth more than productivity alone.


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